Transforming the Golden Years into a Blissful and Cherished Memory

They say that hindsight is 20/20 because time opens up our eyes and our hearts to the bittersweet truths and hard facts in this world and bearing that in mind, I must say that my parents are my superheroes because they never gave up on me and they provided everything that I need and so much more to get where I am today. I was far from the perfect child because I was impulsive, petulant, stubborn and defiant but instead of throwing me out to the wolves and washing their hands clean after getting rid of the prodigal son, they remained patient, forgiving and unbowed in their grim determination to shower me with the tender love and care that I need to see the folly of my ways and change my life for the better before everything is too late. Even when I got into a terrible incident that left me maimed and broken not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well with nothing but rehab equipment in Singapore keeping me from collapsing into a heap of heated mess, they were the wind beneath my wings that enabled me to soar high and transcend all of my trials and tribulations. 

Therefore, it goes without saying that I owe my life, my whole being and my soul to them and that is the reason why I will do anything in my power and exhaust all of my resources to repay my eternal debt and give them the same kindness and unconditional love that I clearly did not deserve back then. Sadly, Father Time waits for no man and they are feeling the ravaging effects of ageing because they are now too weak, fragile and frail to take care of themselves properly hence I made it my life mission to make their golden years as blissful, comfortable and happy as possible. And my first step is to buy the finest and most trusted assistive devices for elderly folks so that they can move unencumbered and go about their ways as they enjoy their remaining days here on God’s green earth with no worries, problems and concerns weighing heavily inside their heart and mind.

After seeking the help of specialists who offer innovative equipment and ground-breaking assistive technology for elderly people who have varying needs that must be addressed and solved immediately as soon as possible without further delays, I also want to make major adjustments, practical improvements and home renovation projects around our ancestral house to make their daily life so much easier. Some of the most heartless and callous people surrounding me have the gall and audacity to suggest that I should just stick my parents into a nursing home with the other old geezers abandoned by their cruel families but I would rather die than leave them rotting in those institutions that will undoubtedly break their spirit and snuff out the fire inside their heart.

In conclusion, instead of ignoring them and distancing myself away from my beloved parents so that I can have a smashing time with my friends, chase after my other goals in life and enjoy the perks of reaching the pinnacle of success in my chosen career, I vowed to spend as much quality time as I can with my mother and father. All the wonderful, warm and treasured memories that we share with one another will certainly remain in my heart and soul for all eternity and it is as if they will never leave me no matter what because they will always be a part of me forever wherever I may be.


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