Good, Better and Best Outdoor Furniture

In continuously skyrocketing populations of people, structures and machines, the value of space has changed dramatically. Vast geographic areas, particularly urban centers now appear to have shrunk against the onslaught increasing number of residents, buildings, industries, and vehicles. This has completely changed the way people have looked, or overlooked, space. Gone are the days when people opted for spacious front lawns or backyards or estates simply because there are now very little to find. Those that are available are simply exorbitantly expensive or prohibitively remote.  Offices t day can almost no longer to afford expansive lobbies, wait area or even parking lots. 

This has resulted to clever interior design ideas that aim to maximize space while still maintaining classy aesthetics and uncluttered aura. In Singapore for instance, it is now usual to find homes with small structures rendered with minimalist architectural design with small outdoor corners. 

Furniture too have also evolved into smaller version of themselves. For indoor furniture, homeowners now opt for multifunctional types like sofa chairs than function as seats and bed or for outdoor furniture, there is now a range of lightweight, foldable furniture that serve traditional functions while allowing optimum use of space. Indoors, homeowners are also ‘going’ vertical opting for overhead storage areas that provide more leg room and built-in cabinets that to free surfaces from paraphernalia. 

But it seems, more modern families are beginning to focus more on maximizing outdoor spaces even more as individuals and families now aim to bring relaxing outdoor feel into their home to combat the stress of daily life. Contemporary exterior planning in Singapore now aims for layouts that remain functional with the least area and lesser furniture. For instance, it is now commonplace to find a swimming pool, a terrace, a fire-pit and a spa elegantly crammed into a 200 sqm space with only a coffee table and 2-4 chairs as utility. The hammock which was traditionally used for camping is now a clever outdoor furniture in Singapore since it minimizes space occupied by beds and provide immense storability.

Unsurprisingly too, a number of outdoor furniture manufacturers and distributors in Singapore are now into custom furniture making and selling. These Singaporean outdoor furniture shops design and build use materials like teak, eucalyptus, cedar, pine, and oakwood that are more durable and weather resilient than those used in typical indoor furniture while providing casual, warm and natural style suitable for any home motif or theme. These SG outdoor furniture companies also requires less maintenance and have properties that inherently protect them against rot and harsh weather, extreme temperatures and high humidity that usually causes warping. As alternatives to aluminum and iron modern, which are very rigid fixtures against wind and other natural conditions, Singapore outdoor furniture makers have now shifted to newer lightweight, all-weather, rust proof and durable materials such as stainless steel, plastic, wrought iron, and synthetic resins.  New outdoor furniture technologies in Singapore that have afforded more thinly cut materials like memory foam have in turn allowed options against bulky seats and cushions while providing the same, if not better comfort with quick-drying and less-maintenance features ideal for outdoor use.


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