How to Create a Social Media Savvy Profile for Your Future Employer

In today’s social media-obsessed culture, it is no surprise that job placement agencies in Singapore are turning to social media to check the viability of aspiring candidates. According to a survey, almost half of the respondents refused to hire an applicant because of what they saw in his/her social media account. In the same survey, almost one-third have been moved to hiring an applicant because of something they saw online.

Given how much social media can sway the decisions of hiring managers, it is important for applicants to know how to make themselves appetizing in social media. However, do not be confused! This is not about projecting a false version of yourself in order for you to get hired. What matters is projecting who you truly are, in the best possible light.

First, where do they look?

When asked which profiles they would most likely check, employers and hiring managers named the following:
·         - LinkedIn
·         - Facebook
·         - Twitter
·         -  Instagram
·         - Tumblr

The top three social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) still remain as the go-to platforms for employers, with Twitter slowly increasing in popularity. When asked, employers search social media profiles to check consistency of facts with that in the resume, how applicants articulate themselves, how creative they are, and if they would fit in the company’s culture.

So, what should you do?

Although you can’t change your online persona overnight, or who you actually are, your interests, beliefs and mistakes, you can however, control the narrative. Social media is all about presenting a story about yourself, and in your profiles, you should be the protagonist. To achieve that, here are five tips to creating a social media savvy profile:

1.       Highlight your creativity
You don’t need to be an excellent artist or musician to be called creative. Your creativity can shine even through your most mundane posts—that flat lay of your breakfast, the way you review the last episode of your favourite TV series, your crazy groupie with your friends, that clever one-liner you randomly thought of during your commute—such posts shows that you can do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

2.       Showcase your social network
As the old adage goes: “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are,” having reputable and equally social media savvy friends connected to your profile won’t hurt your cause. LinkedIn is especially good at creating networks of professionals. Take advantage of this! Facebook has also began introducing a Featured Friends option. Carefully consider which of your friends you show as this can affect your persona.

3.       Project positivity
No career placement agency will want an applicant who complains day in and day out of how much their job sucks, how unfair their boss is, or how terrible their workmates are. Avoid posting negative remarks not only about your current job, but about life in general. Employers are interested with how well you can solve problems, not complain about them.

4.       Keep it clean
It is very unlikely that a placement agency in Singapore will recommend an applicant who posts pornographic materials or violent videos on their profile. Although you can argue that what you do on your on time, your interests and hobbies, should not affect how you are judged for a specific position, you can’t fault them if they would not hire employees with naked women in their profile.

5.       Be yourself
Again, this is not about changing who you are, but highlighting the best of you. Therefore, it is important to stay true to yourself. Do not post or include information in your profile that is not true. Employers also appreciate honesty.

So, what are you waiting for? Check those online profiles and make sure that the next time hiring managers view your social media accounts, you’ll going to bag the position!


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