Starting the New Year Near Orchard Road with A New Set of Clothes in Singapore

Start the Year 2018 with a blast as you prepare your closet for the Chinese New Year! Hurry up and plan your get up. You would not want to be behind on this year’s fashion trends. First and foremost, you must plan where to go and where all of the fashion icons shop until they drop.

Fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, and trendsetters have one thing in common and that is their Achilles’ heel for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Assessing and analyzing fashion trends and the latest designs in the industry is not easy, but getting to see new dresses and shoes made from scratch are just a marvelous sight to behold. That is why they invest a lot for their love of fashion to the point where they book in one of the best hotels in Singapore to specifically visit the famous shopping district there. That is why when they travel to the heart of Singapore and choose a place to stay they make sure to book a hotel near Orchard Road, the most well-known shopping street where fashion icons and specialty stores are located. Not only will you be in heaven for their various retails of clothes, they also have unique and classy restaurants to keep your tummies full as you explore the wonderful 2.2 kilometers of heaven.

To fully enjoy your trip in Orchard Road and venture its different and unique landmarks, planning a 3-day trip might be the best strategy if you are planning on visiting on vacation and as a tourist. Though there are a lot of luxury hotels in Singapore, choosing a place to stay near the Orchard Road might be the best option for you if you are there for its marvellous and iconic shopping malls. But before putting a reservation on your hotel, make sure to check for promos and book early for great discounts. If you live abroad, Research on what to do and what you are not supposed to do during your stay because some of your gestures might be offensive to the people there because of your difference in cultures. Plan everything you need to do before leaving to ensure a smooth trip. Make sure to have an itinerary from the minute you arrive to the day you will leave. It is also best to research on famous spots and landmarks that are significant in Singapore to learn about their culture and history. Lastly, make sure to have a map on you or mobile network so that you may locate where you are at all times and prevent yourself from getting lost. It is best to invite a friend or a family member to go with you to have the full experience. Being with someone is always fun no matter what you are doing.

Plan, pack up, and enjoy your shopping spree in Singapore. It will be unlike any other and start the year 2018 with a new set of clothes. The Earth Dog Year might just be your year to be start everything anew. 


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